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Since 2010, Tech Imaginations Zambia has been helping companies in the FinTech, healthcare, real estate, supply chain management, and other industries succeed with custom software solutions. Driven by our clients’ business-specific needs and time and budget constraints, our software development company builds and augments secure, stable, scalable, and highly functional digital products to deliver maximum value and ensure business sustainability.


Experience, Team, Satisfaction, Innovation

We are a software development company with expertise in diverse industries, from FinTech to healthcare. Our skilled team of 8+ software developers and other IT professionals guarantee customer satisfaction with 100% certification. We follow innovative design principles and software engineering methods, and our flexible approach is tailored to your unique business requirements.


Build a high-quality Software product designed for seamless scaling, active user acquisition, and stable performance under high loads with Tech Imaginations Zambia.

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Our software development agency has obtained ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications for software development groups. These certifications demonstrate that Tech Imagination Zambia management and development processes comply with international quality and security standards introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Being ISO 9001-certified, our software development firm delivers quality software engineering services in full accordance with the needs of our clients, employees, and regulatory bodies. Our processes are well-established and polished to continually improve performance and operational efficiency. As an ISO 27001-certified software developer company, we build highly secure software solutions that comply with business, legal, contractual, and regulatory requirements, and we are constantly streamlining our information security management system.

A secure development process requires compliance with applicable standards, laws, and regulations. As a software developer firm , Tech Imaginations Zambia creates software solutions for clients in various countries and industries. While building solutions for the healthcare industry, for example, we follow HIPAA, CFR, GDPR, FHIR, and HL7 requirements. We have also helped our clients obtain ONC Health IT certification. While delivering projects for the FinTech industry, we comply with PCI-DSS, PSD2, SOC2, and the GDPR.

Tech Imaginations Zambia develops software solutions for clients in numerous industries, with the largest number of projects delivered to clients in healthcare, FinTech, IoT, and supply chain management. We have also built software for the real estate, manufacturing, hotel and hospitality, travel, and automotive markets. A lot of our projects are covered by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and we operate in more fields than those listed here. In total, we have delivered or are currently working on over 300 projects. However, the number of projects we’ve worked on and the industries in which we have experience only demonstrate part of the value you receive when choosing Tech Imagination Zambia. 

Experience working in multiple domains helps us approach development of new solutions with creativity and an innovative mindset. Our engineers often find out-of-the box solutions to IT challenges that they have learned while working in other industries. Also, as a multi-industry software engineering company, we work with a large number of popular technologies and are constantly extending our technology expertise, which means we can provide specialists for nearly any client requests. One of the advantages that our software development company has gained while working in multiple industries is enhanced problem-solving skills. Having faced a variety of industry-specific challenges, we have a better understanding of how we should act in specific situations, which methodologies to apply, and which strategies to follow. This rich background assists our development teams by allowing them to approach problem-solving from a more holistic perspective.

We are able to help you with the following solutions:

SaaS development and migration. Tech Imaginations Zambia specialists have experience developing cloud-based solutions with scalable and maintainable architectures to meet specific business goals and market needs. If you want to move to a new business model, a Tech Imaginations Zambia team can plan and carry out your SaaS migration.

End-to-end business solutions. If you need to extend your product ecosystem or build it from the ground up to cover all of your business needs and processes, Tech Imaginations Zambia will ensure seamless integrations, full interoperability, and swift and complete data exchange.

Digital business transformation. We will help you digitize, automate, and optimize all your operational processes. Our software development company is ready to build a web solution of any complexity that meets your objectives.

Mobile software development. If you need a customer-facing mobile application for successfully running your business, Tech Imaginations Zambia is ready to help you deliver a user-centric, efficient, and conversion-optimized iOS, Android, or cross-platform mobile app.

Communication platform development. Whether it’s for a wide audience or for your own business use, we can support you in building a feature-rich communication platform or functional modules capable of meeting your business’s or customers’ communication needs.

Tech Imaginations Zambia is a software development company that not only supports clients during development but also provides multifaceted services at each stage of the software development process. These include IT consulting, post-release solution support, pre-sales support, participation in demos for investors, and more.


As an experienced software product development company, Tech Imaginations Zambia will guide you throughout the partnership. Starting from the negotiation phase, we will make sure your intellectual property is safe by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Our software development organization will scrutinize all of your requirements and business needs, your stakeholders, and your product vision to make sure we are on the same page and understand your long-term goals. After this, we will provide you with rough cost and time estimates, a proposed team composition and technology stack, and other project details on demand.


Right after we sign a contract, our software dev company starts a discovery phase, which involves a detailed business analysis of your project with artifacts prepared by the business analysis team and approved by stakeholders. These include a user story map, user flows, auxiliary diagrams, and other artifacts that aid in designing and streamlining your solution’s business logic and providing your customers with top-notch functionality. At this stage, UI/UX designers start preparing the first drafts of your solution’s design, and our solution architect works on the solution software document (SSD) that outlines all technical details.

The business analysis team also prepares the scope of work for project managers and developers as well as the product development backlog during the discovery phase. Stakeholder engagement is vital here, as a lot of details, such as deadlines, are strictly reviewed with the client. While the scope of work and product development backlog are being prepared, developers from our programming company gradually join the team, go through the onboarding process, and prepare to build your solution. Stakeholders can actively participate in interviewing and approving developers.


Your solution moves from a documented vision to a tangible product during the development phase. Our developers use the Agile methodology and work in sprints to write high-quality code, build all required features, and integrate with any third-party services.


The next stage is testing, where our testing engineers complete comprehensive checks of the solution’s performance and security in line with your initial requirements. Finally, you will have a solution that is ready to serve your customers and generate revenue for your business.

Upon request, our team can continue partnering with you by providing continuous product support: implementing new functionality, enhancing solution performance and stability, and so on.

At Tech Imaginations Zambia, we pay close attention to quality assurance. In order to deliver a product that meets business needs and requirements, our quality assurance specialists start working at the pre-development stage, during which they help to identify gaps in the solution’s business logic. This way, the development team can avoid potential issues when creating project documentation, and our client can save on development costs. To confirm that a product’s business logic is adequate, quality assurance specialists check the wireframes for possible gaps in business logic.

Test planning session

At the beginning of each sprint, QA specialists plan each testing session and create sprint checklists based on the feature set to be delivered by the end of the sprint. As soon as there is enough material to test, QAs thoroughly check components. The Tech Imaginations Zambia QA department usually relies on an on-the-go testing approach. Because a solution’s requirements can change over time, we usually design testing strategies for each sprint independently based on the current state of the given solution. Such an approach not only reduces the amount of work for QA specialists but also saves money for our clients.


During the testing phase, QAs work on test checklists or test scenarios. It’s common to use checklists for uncomplicated tasks because they require fewer resources, while test scenarios are used for complex tasks. In terms of optimizing efforts and increasing cost-efficiency, our QA teams have come up with an effective test strategy that involves exploiting test checklists even for complicated tasks where possible.

Testing automation

There’s always room for automated testing. If relevant, Tech Imaginations Zambia specialists automate regression, smoke, data-driven, and performance and load testing. By automating these types of testing, our teams save time and resources for more complicated features and parts of the code that require manual testing.

Project management is essential during all stages of the development process. Our software developers company ensures full project transparency for our clients. Tech Imaginations Zambia project managers are responsible for managing development according to clients’ requirements and take part in the project lifecycle starting from the negotiation stage. Their first priority is to identify and analyze the client’s essential requirements for project development, including resource constraints, the scope of work, and goals. This information helps project managers organize the whole process, allocate resources, and adjust to the client’s limitations.

During the development stage, project managers start planning each step of development, decomposing tasks, and organizing sprints. They consider all of the client’s time constraints to properly schedule development and deliver the final product on time. Additionally, project managers create a RACI matrix so that stakeholders and team members can know their responsibilities. This document is accessible to all project participants and aids in decision-making. Project managers are also responsible for reporting on the project scope and project performance, the budget, milestone lists, and so on.

Project managers review all artifacts and adjust them to reflect new requirements and operational workflows in cases of on-demand team expansion. Their additional responsibilities include onboarding specialists, coaching the team, and monitoring relationships and the overall atmosphere/mood in the team.

As part of their responsibilities, project managers hold meetings with the team and stakeholders to make sure that processes are transparent and that stakeholders are aware of everything that’s going on in terms of solution development. One of the crucial responsibilities of a project manager is conducting risk mitigation sessions and responding quickly to unexpected challenges or crisis situations.

Business owners who work with software engineering companies have common concerns regarding the time, budget, and scope of work. In other words, they hope to get the product within a set timeframe, within the approved budget, and without an unexpected increase in the project’s scope. Tech Imaginations Zambia understands this and strives to stay within all limits set at the early stages of product development.

Our constraint management strategy consists of:

Detailed strategizing. Our project managers design a separate strategy for each stage of the development process by analyzing the scope of work for a given stage and breaking it down into small tasks to clearly define the resources required. This helps to avoid unexpected obstacles and ensure that software engineers have enough time to deliver the product.

Balanced resource allocation. Our main goal is to wisely allocate responsibilities and workload between team members so that everybody does an equal amount of work. This way, we can avoid burnout and consequent delays in completing tasks.

Process and communication transparency. Our clients are always aware of intermediate development results; this helps us to track alignment with deadlines and resource use. Also, we stick to transparent communication processes within our software engineering teams. This helps us to address developers’ concerns as early as possible, effectively mitigate any risks, and avoid unexpected delays and extra costs.

While dealing with time, budget, and scope constraints, we also pay close attention to the quality of our development process. This is important as, in addition to staying within the project’s constraints, we want to ensure the product’s overall quality and customer satisfaction.

You can rely on us to deliver high-quality solutions based on the most suitable technologies. Tech Imaginations Zambia clients rely on our team of experts to ensure they’re building software correctly. The documentation we provide allows for quick onboarding and efficient coaching and ensures that the product’s architecture is scalable and ready for the future.

If you’re looking for a partner with technical know-how and well-established processes, you should definitely consider Tech Imaginations Zambia. Our team is extremely flexible in adapting to requirements and is engaged in development and delivery. We don’t just work to deliver the best technical solution; we make sure it is in our client’s interest.

Tech Imaginations Zambia has a deep understanding of compliance and privacy in healthcare, FinTech, supply chain management, real estate, automotive, and other industries. With our own practices, methodologies, and tools, we seamlessly integrate into our clients’ processes and corporate culture at all levels. We give our clients flexibility in running their business so they can focus on achieving their goals.

Since 2010, Tech Imaginations Zambia has been helping companies in the FinTech, healthcare, real estate, supply chain management, and other industries succeed with custom software solutions. Driven by our clients’ business-specific needs and time and budget constraints, our software development company builds and augments secure, stable, scalable, and highly functional digital products to deliver maximum value and ensure business sustainability.

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