How to Screen Record With Audio in Windows 11

What to Know

  • Open Xbox Game Bar and select Record. Or open Snipping Tool, define recording area, and press record.
  • In PowerPoint, go to Insert > Media > Screen Recording. Make sure Audio is selected to record sound.
  • Alternatively, use a third-party screen recorder like Snagit, Screenshot Captor, ShareX, or a game recording app.

This article explains how to screen record with audio in Windows 11. The instructions apply to all versions of Windows 11.

Ways to Record With Audio in Windows 11

Windows 11 has two built-in tools for recording apps: Xbox Game Bar and Snipping Tool. In addition to recording the screen, and depending on the app you use, you can also record the system audio from your computer and external audio from a microphone.

Unfortunately, you can’t record your desktop or File Explorer with the Xbox Game Bar. To do that, you’ll need to use a different method. Other options include Microsoft PowerPoint’s screen recorder, the VLC media player, or a variety of third-party screen capture software.

How to Record Your Screen With the Xbox Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar is already installed on your Windows 11 PC, so it’s by far the easiest method for screen recording with audio:

  1. Press Win+on your keyboard, or search for Xbox Game Bar and open the app.Xbox Game Bar app in Windows 11 search
  2. If you don’t see the Capture window in the upper-left corner, select the Capture icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.Capture window and Capture icon highlighted in the Xbox Game Bar menu on Windows 11
  3. Select the Settings gear in the top toolbar, then select Capturing on the left side of the Settings window.Capture window and Capture icon highlighted in the Xbox Game Bar menu on Windows 11
  4. Under Audio to Record, choose All to capture all system sounds or Game to record only audio from the app.When you’re done, close the Settings window and press Esc on the keyboard to close the Xbox Game Bar.Check the box next to Record in the background while I’m playing a game to automatically record gameplay.All selected under Audio to record in Windows Xbox Game Bar Settings
  5. Open the app or game you want to record. Press Win+Alt+R on your keyboard, or open the Xbox Game Bar and select the Record button in the Capture window.Record button in the Xbox Game Bar
  6. The recording window will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen indicating that your screen is being recorded. To finish recording, select the Stop button or press Win+Alt+R.The Xbox Game Bar Recording window in Steam
  7. Select the pop-up notification or open the Xbox Game Bar to review your recordings.Game clip recorded pop-up notification in Windows 11
  8. You’ll see your recording in the Xbox Game Bar Gallery. Select Open file location to go to the file (the default location for screen recordings is C:\Users\[username]\Videos\Captures).Open file location in the Xbox Game Bar Gallery

How to Record Your Screen With Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool can be used for making screenshots or recording your screen to a video file, including whatever audio is playing on the computer. It’s built-in to Windows 11 and is accessible through the Win+Shift+S keyboard shortcut.

See How to Record Your Screen on Windows 11 for a walkthrough of how this works in Microsoft’s Snipping Tool, but here’s the gist: Open the tool, press record, define an area on the screen that you want to record, and press Start.

How to Record Your Screen With PowerPoint

Another option is to use the screen recorder in Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll need a Microsoft 365 subscription to use the feature.

  1. In a blank presentation, go to the Insert tab and select Media > Screen Recording.PowerPoint Screen Recording button highlighted
  2. Choose Select Area in the screen recorder window, then click and drag over the area you want to capture.Make sure Audio is selected to record sound with your video. Disable Record Pointer to hide the mouse cursor.PowerPoint screen record options with Select Area highlighted
  3. Select Record to begin the recording.PowerPoint screen recording selection with Record button highlighted
  4. When you’re finished recording, select Stop, or press Win+Shift+Q.PowerPoint Stop Recording button highlighted
  5. Your recording will appear in the slide. Right-click the video and select Save Media as to save it as an MP4 file.PowerPoint video Save media as menu option highlighted

Other Ways to Screen Record With Audio

There are many third-party screen recorder apps that include tools for editing videos such as Snagit, Screenshot Captor, and ShareX. With Snagit, for instance, you can extract specific frames and create GIFs. Check out our guide for how to record your desktop with VLC to do so with that free software.


  • How do I record a video of myself on Windows 11?Use the Camera app to record videos with your webcam in Windows. Alternatively, use a third-party app like VLC Media Player.
  • How do I take screenshots in Windows 11?To take screenshots in Windows 11, press the Windows key+PrtSc. To choose a section of the screen to capture, press the Windows key+Shift+S. Screenshots are saved to Pictures > Screenshots.
  • How do I split my screen in Windows 11?To split your screen in Windows, turn on Snap Windows. Drag a window to one side of the screen, release the mouse, then select a window to snap to the other side. Hover your mouse over the Maximize icon to choose between different snap window layouts.

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